#149 Dune → FreeTON Swap Architecture


  • Submission period
    April 5 - April 6, 2021
  • Judging period
    April 6 - April 13, 2021


Short description

Prepare a detailed architecture for the swap between Dune and FreeTON (as per the approved proposal) that will allow the fast and economically efficient one-directional exchange of DUN and TON Crystal tokens.




Merge with the Dune Network blockchain and its community in order to increase the resources and joint development of the Free TON community.

General requirements

Your submission should include:

● The basic economic model and description of money flow in the system;

● The general technical architecture of the solution along with the proposed

customer journeys;

● Detailed technical specification of the proposed implementation with the

justification of the selected approach: smart contracts, integration layer,


● Name and contact information of the contestant for communication (Telegram

username, e-mail).

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions Hard criteria

● Cross-chain value passing protocol with censorship resistance in accordance with criteria described in the original proposal;

● The possibility of trustless and non-custodial transfer of value between networks;

● Open sources of documentation published at GitHub/GitLab or another open


● (Decentralized) Security Layer ([D]SL) ensuring protection from money stealing;

● Final document should be presented in form of technical paper, including an

abstract as a preliminary overall description of the system;

● Link to documentation at Github/Gitlab or another open repository, with the

obligatory backlink to your submission in the repository’s README;

● Detailed structured explanation for each part of the system.


● Google Doc / PDF with the technical paper open for commenting and containing the backlink to the submission.

Soft criteria

● Detailed and easily understandable charts explaining the architecture and business processes;

● Brevity;

● Mostly everyday English to facilitate understanding;

● Readiness to participate in the implementation of the solution in the next stage.


This contest is funded by the Main governance from the Developer giver.

1 place — 40 000

2 place — 30 000

3 place — 20 000

4 to 10 — 5 000 each

Winners works