Submission #7

Hello everyone, finally I want to present my work. You have no idea how many nights and days I devoted to this work. I was looking for every free minute for you to enjoy these stickers. To be honest, I have never worked in ADOBE After Effect before. In general, I am not a programmer/designer, but a civil engineer. These are my first animated stickers in my life. In just 30 days, I mastered this program. It was very difficult and each new sticker was better than the previous one. In the end, I had to redo the first stickers, since the difference with the last ones in quality was enormous. The level of self-control has reached its maximum. In addition, over and over I honed my skills. I hope you will like it. I will finally get some sleep. I want to say thank you all, thank you to the FREETON community for making me better!



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