Submission #10

In order to become a user of the marketplace, you need to go through the standard registration procedure. In the near future, the possibility of login via extension will be implemented.

After registration, a user who has a SafeMultisigWallet wallet (in the future, other popular types of wallets will also be supported) can create their own collection of Nft.

Initially, the data is sent to the server to check the content for compliance with the law. Further, through the admin panel, the ability to publish data to the blockchain is confirmed.

When creating a new collection, a fairly large number of crystals are required, because several contracts are deployed. Creating an Nft within a collection uses fewer resources.

At the moment, when the content is approved, a link is created in IPFS. It is this link that gets into the blockchain. This mechanism is key in addition to the blockchain itself, since allows you to store content in a distributed manner. Storing data on the server is more of a necessity for fast display of Nft, while IPFS is a guarantee against data loss.

The main page displays only the data that is embedded in the blockchain, but the creator has the opportunity to see it in his personal account.



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