Submission #54

The logotype has a form of a triangle. The triangle sides form a crystal shape inside the logotype. The shape of the triangle re- flects the ‘T’ letter that stands for Ton Crystal.

In this way, the logotype becomes functional. It reflects both the crystal icon and the first capital letter of the project.

The gradient colour palette indicates an infinitive stream of in- novation that flows around the triangle sides. The sides of the tri- angle are closely aligned and form a unified and secure element.

At the same time, the triangle sides are disconnected. The dis- connected triangle sides are the reference to decentralisation and scalability.

Detached logotype elements form a gap and reflect a reference to scalability and freedom. At the same time, individual detached logotype elements still assemble a complete shape, just as de- centralised applications behave within the blockchain environ- ment.

At first glance, this is a simple triangular shape that is easy to re- member and recognise. However, due to the numerous elements and details, this logotype is extremely informative and contains the deep idea and philosophy of the project.

Importantly, the logotype is dynamic and can easily be adapted to various sub-governances and upcoming trends.



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