Submission #51

Our goal is to preserve the image of the crystal, but at the same time to allow it to evolve into something fundamental. Create an image that will be timeless, like a real crystal. We want to combine the real properties of the crystal and the Free TON blockchain technology in one image.

Crystals are solid substances that have a natural external form of regular symmetrical polyhedra, based on their internal structure, thatis,ononeofseveraldefinedregulararrangementsofthe particlesthatmakeupthesubstance.

TheFreeTONblockchainisalsoacomplexstructureand technology. Free TON is based on a flexible multi-blockchain platform called TON Blockchain, which is capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts, upgradable formal blockchain specifications, multi-cryptocurrency value transfer, support for micropayment channels and off-chain payment networks.

We highlight the following key values: Scalability. Decentralization. Security. Innovation. Freedom. Community. For the image, we use a crystal structure in the form of a polygon. It consists of different parts, but at the same time forms a single whole. Just like Free TON.



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