Submission #13

I’ve started preparing for the contest as soon as it has been posted on the forum. The first was to understand - what would be the topic of the article, what will work well with the audience? When monitoring chats, I’ve seen the very same question asked each day - is this TON by Durov or what? History of TON - the first ingredient. But one needs to add more for the idea to work.

I’ve always stated that Free TON now is a lot about a social experiment when different mechanics of ‘management’ are tested. And this became the second point of the article - decentralized governance.

The third ingredient of my concept - to deliver the text in many languages to show that decentralized governance can work in any part of the world.

It took me one and a half months of day-to-day work to achieve these results, they’re not perfect but it was a hell of a trip.



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